For those of you who have ever had the pleasure of working on a RC Helicopter Rotor Head, we all know that removing the spindle bolts without damaging the spindle is an almost impossible task.  Once the first bolt is removed, how do you remove the second bolt without damaging the shaft?

For this task, Grippy was created!

Grippy is a simple, robust and rugged tool made for each and every size spindle out there.  Simply slide Grippy over the spindle shaft, and remove the bolt.  The one way bearing in Grippy will grip on to the shaft and allow you to remove your other bolt, leaving absolutely zero marks or dents on the shaft.

Grippy is available in Four Sizes:


Please see our video where we show Grippy’s abilities and magical powers.  We are confident you will give Grippy a kind and warm home and have him take care of your spindles forever more.


If you are unsure what size Grippy you need, please see our Grippy Sizing Chart below!


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