Chimp Systems is a USA based company dedicated to the creation and implementation of embedded systems in various markets.  The first market of interest for Chimp Systems is the Remote Controlled Industry.  Chimp Systems is releasing two products in the first half of 2011 for the RC World.

The first product released from Chimp Systems is Grippy.  More info can be found here.  We are very confident that everyone will allow Grippy to take residence in their toolbox shortly.

The next product created by Chimp Systems is called the DALCON, which is a device that is capable of syncing up to 8 channels of LED lights to any particular song or soundtrack of your choice.

Please feel free to contact us any time with technical questions or feedback.



Bobby Watts

Bobby is a well known RC Helicopter pilot, traveling all over the place demonstrating and showing what RC Helis can do.  He is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  He has been in the hobby since 2003 and loves every aspect of it.  He has competed in many competitions and usually comes in second or something, which is always exciting.

Contact:  bobby@chimpsystems.com



Caleb Pinckney

Caleb is an up and coming embedded system designer that specializes in PCB layout, MCU programming and electronic DFM. This is just a fancy way of saying someone who makes electronic gizmos and gadgets that do neat stuff reliably and afordably.  He has an Associate’s Degree in Science and Engineering from Midlands Tech (South Carolina) and a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Information Technology from the University of South Carolina.  He was introduced to the aircraft hobby by Bobby in 2009 then flew his first Heli in 2010 and has loved it ever since!

Contact: caleb@chimpsystems.com

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